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This center plan to build for further education system to local monks around Nepal Himalayan remote area base but it doesn’t mean that we did not offer other area. We do offer from any part of area that interest to our center.

Regarding to 21st century modern education is main theme. Due to that Ven. Late Drubthob Rinpoche vision to give those monk, not only ancient Buddhist Philosophy but with that modern education that can promote the goodness of Buddhist philosophy to over the world.

However, the population has grown and now there are 60 students in the age range of 7-24. They come from different parts of the Himalayan regions including Tibet.

The cultural and religious affinity of these Himalayan regions with the Tibetan setup has encouraged Ven. Drubthob Rinpoche to impart these students the traditional education of Tibetan Buddhism.

Besides the traditional monastic education which includes text-memorization, Tibetan Calligraphy, Logic and Debate; the students are also taught the contemporary subjects such Math, Tibetan grammar and computer along with languages such as, Tibetan, English and Nepali.

Apart from that special subject also conduct by volunteer from different country to teach speaking skill, exchange culture, science and writing skill.

Our daily class star from 9:30 am to 5:10 pm, during which time the monks follow a busy schedule of classes, activates and homework.

During the 10 years of the center, it has provided quality education to over hundred poor students from the Himalayan regions. Many have been able to do further studies in India at various reputed instituted, colleges, Monastic Universities after receiving the preliminary education from our center. There are over 50 students of MDBLC who are doing further studies in India.