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7.8 Earthquake Destroy Monastery.

28th April.2015



The terrible earthquake in Kathmandu and region happened a week ago.

Sadly to say that our school and both Swyambunath and Kathasingu monastery are damage and crack. 

At school our guest house building, kitchen and prayer hall get lots of crack on wall. Till now we all are staying outside of school building and we are looking for expert engineer condition on of our building. 
At Katasingu monastery, crack around kitchen building and round around main monastery. 
In Swyambunath Wochen Thukje Choeling monastery almost all the part is very much destroy that room for monk are not reliable. It seems that Swyambunath monastery need to very much rebuild for it. Which is the most damaging area too. 

However not in the focus is the disaster in the areas Langtang, Rasuwa that to border Tibet. We have children at MDBLC (our monastery school in Pharing close to Kathmandu), Wochen Thukje Choeling Monastery at Swyambunath and Katasingu Monastery near to Thame  from Rasuwa and Langtang that border to Tibet. Their families have been wiped out through avalanches and land slide.

Till there no any food and shelter has been aid. Unfortunately rite now all the road to connect that area is close due to landslide.

We are afraid of those small monks whose family and home wipe out by is natural disaster not only in our Manjushri but also all the three monastery. 

As you see our temple in Swyambunath that badly damage. At now all those monks in that temple are left outside that, they’re no possibility to stay again.

We kindly to urge all donor to help us to full renovation the Wochen Thukje Choling monastery.  




29th, May . 2014
Here i would to notice on Nyung-Nye pracitce on Saka Dawa. Saka Dawa the most sacred of Buddhist month, when we celebrate the birth, enlightenment and death(parinirvana) of the Buddha Shakyamuni. 
so merit of doing good deed that you perform during this month are considered to be multiplied many time over by so that we organize Nyung-Nye to all the people that could get good merit to them.
Here following we put Time Table for you convinece.