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After Earthquake

Respected all the magnanimous sponsors and donors.

Since after the establishment of the “Wochen Thukje Choeling Monastery” which is situated on a Manjushri Hill, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal. It imparts the precious Tibetan Heritage of quality and sacred education of Buddhist Philosophy along with modern education for very poor background and remote region’s children are given facilities of boarding, food, stationary, medicine and further studies in various reputable institutes and monastic universities in India. In the monastery a seven long YANGDRUB, tantric ritual that calls for fortune eliminates, famine, poverty and disease in the country is observed. YANGDRUBis widely practiced now by many of late Rinpoche’s disciples and now well over a thousand families have this good fortune not only to the practitioners but to all beings as a whole.

Even after the Rinpoche passed away, the continuation of virous pujas are being performed by the monks at the request of at people of all walks of life. The pujas and prayers are performed for the wellbeing of the people and world peace at large.

And the monastery also provides an opportunity for people of all walks of life regardless of caste, creed, nationality, and religion are welcome to take part in the NYUNGNE practice are given all assistance as it required to make themselves comfortable throughout teaching and accommodation during their stay in the monastery.

Every year there are six NYUNGNE practices are observed in the monastery and the longest of sixteen days NYUNGNE is observed during the Tibetan Calender monts of SAKADAWA to mark the anniversary of the Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana and four day NYUNGNE is conducted on local festival when hundreds and thousands of animals are sacrificed during Nepali greatest festival called DASAI. Four more other NYUNGNE practices are being observed on auspicious occasion respectively in the monastery along with entire monks and the very NYUNGNE puja has benefitted lots of people in their life too.

So this year we couldn’t able to congregate this very NYUNGNE PUJA in the prayer hall but outside of the monastery lawn because of the recent inundate natural calamity earthquake that caused huge damages to the monastery and its periphery.

Thus, all the generous sponsors and donors are earnestly urged to lend your all the possibilities help in providing financial assistance and support for the renovation of the monastery.

Thanking you.

Your Sincerely.

Namgyal Lama



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