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The site of this new Gompa, Drubgon Jangchub Choeling, was built on the same spot as the very humble apartment Ven. Drubthob Rinpoche had lived for 40 years, offered to him by a disciple. During all these years, Ven. Rinpoche had consistently been a source of help and service to all who came to seek his blessings and advice. This particular place is also the abode of a very holy stupa known as Shi-Kala, which is believed to have flown from Kashmir, India. It is said that it contains the skull of Saritputra who was the foremost disciple of lord Buddha when he was alive.


In this Gompa, Rinpoche specially built and dedicated a life-sized image of Avalokitesvara with thousand eyes and thousand hands (representing the coming of thousand Buddhas and kings in future) along with a life-size statue of the Tibetan king Songtsen Gonpo with his queens, the Nepalese princess Brikhuti and the Chinese princess, Kongcho. This dedication specially emphasizes the cultural affinity shared by Tibet and Nepal in the 6th Century. During the making of this statue, Rinpoche had a dream of Avalokitesvara saying “My hands are not comfortable.” The next day, Namgyal La (Rinpoche’s personal secretary administrator) found that the Avalokitesvara’s image which the artist had made differed from the original form of Rinpoche’s usual meditational vision. So, this was corrected and the following night, again Rinpoche had a dream with Avalokitesvara in which he said, “Now my hands are comfortable.”

Rinpoche has also built a life-size statue of Guru Padma- Sambhava, who helped to bring Buddhism into Tibet. Rinpoche has had a yet another special dream omen while making this statue. In it, a monk appeared before Rinpoche and said that it would be very nice if Rinpoche would build the image of a young Guru Padmasambhava at the age of eight, and that it would be of clay, as mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures. Therefore, the image of the Guru Padmasambhava that we have in Drubgon Jangchup Choeling Monastery is a bit different and younger from images commonly seen.

The additional land and the construction funds were all donated by Rinpoche’s disciples and the public, which made this Gompa possible. Rinpoche’s main vision and wish is to make this temple a center of service to all those people who wish to perform prayers and practice Buddhist rituals and for those who live in this area.

Pujas And Rites Carried Out For The Gracious Sponsors, Donors And Contributors:
Through the pujas and prayer ceremonies mentioned below we make sincere and fervent effort to repay the kindness and generosity of our sponsors and contributors. These pujas and prayer ceremonies are carried out to for the well-being, good health, prosperity, success, long-life and above all, for accumulation and strengthening of the positive karma not only for the present life but also the future lives of all our sponsors and donors. Many kindhearted people around the world have helped and are helping us in ensuring the continuous flow of the selfless Dharma activities of Ven. Rinpoche. They are all always remembered in our daily prayers and the many prayers and pujas done at the school, monasteries and the Tara Temple. Prayers are also made for the restoration of world peace and harmony, and the elimination and prevention of wars, epidemics, famine, povery and natural calamities (arising from the four elements)

Drolchok (Tara Puja):
Daily Tara puja (Drolchok) is carried out at the Tara Temple for the benefit of our sponsors and all sentient beings.

Namgyal Tongchoe: (every 1st Jan): Everybody is welcome to forward his/her names for this puja, or the names of loved ones, alive or passed on.

Yandgrup: (23rd Nov – 29th Nov):

Lu Dhondu
Namgyal Tongchoe
Lhatse (Protector Puja)

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