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Discovery of the Self-Emerging Tara image:
In 1979, among the rocks in Pharping (22km. S. of the Kathmandu valley,) Rinpoche discovered the self-creating images of the Buddhist Deity Tara, and Ganesh, the elephant God of the Hindus. Over the years the images have continued to emerge with greater clarity and definition. Ven. Rinpoche and many others have witnessed the images spontaneously secreting holy nectar from their bodies different occasions. Recognizing the sacred and auspicious nature of such a treasures, he established a temple enshrining the images. Around the self-emanating images, Rinpoche has enshrined handmade statues of the twenty-one aspects of Tara. Ever since, Rinpoche has been a true practitioner of the Tara meditations. Daily chanting of the Tara pujas are carried out at the temple for the benefit and protection of all sentient beings.

Tara: meaning “She who liberates”
Tara is the female meditational deity who is regarded as the embodiment of all the Buddha’s enlightened activities. She is often regarded as the mother of all the Buddhas. She is said to protect from the eight ‘great fears’ including the worldly tragedies. There are many aspects of Tara and an enumeration of twenty-one aspects in tantric Buddhist pantheon is well documented in the prayers, liturgies, sculptures and paintings. The most popular of these are the ‘Green Tara’ (mainly associated with protection) and ‘White Tara’ (often associated with healing and longevity practices.)”

People come to the Tara Temple from far-off places to make offerings and prayers for various reasons. It is mentioned in the Buddhist texts and scriptures that making offerings and prayers to Green Tara with a pure and good heart is particularly effective for achieving longevity, prosperity, transforming negativities and obstacles, even helpful in giving the blessing of a child to the childless.

Above the temple are few retreat rooms available to people of all traditions and walks of life throughout the year for their retreat and meditation practices. For those who wish to meditate in these rooms, we have some extremely qualified Geshes who could guide you with your meditation, if you so desired. You could also perform Tara puja without needing to come here personally by contacting to the following addresses.

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